Prado 90 Suspension Flex

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Rhythm Offroad

A hobby based 4WD parts fabricator in NSW Australia.

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Toyota 90 Series Prado

Body Lift

Body Lift (incl steering spacer)
2" no stock
Postage option

This kit includes:

  • 10x body lift spacers machined from Aluminium.
  • 10x high tensile bolts, nuts, washers.
  • 1x steering spacer and it's required nuts, bolts, washers.
  • Installation document.

This kit does not include any parts or advice on dealing with:

  • Radiator drop mounts.
  • Bending or extending gear levers for Manual Transmission or Transfer Case.
  • Extensions for rear 'cargo bump stop' (above chassis near rear wheel).
  • Raised/modified brackets for Bull Bar, Steel Rear Bars or Sliders.
  • Extended fuel tank hoses.
  • If anything is required for ABS or Traction Control.
  • Extensions of hand brake cable.
  • Extensions of wire/cabling in the engine bay.

Is it really worth it if so many modifications are required?

YES! Whilst it can be daunting looking at the list of POSSIBLE modifications, keep in mind not everything is always required or necessary. It will depend on your vehicle, accessories and how high you lift (lower=easier). Everyone I've spoke to after they've completed a BL have said it was much easier than they expected.

Here's the reasons why a BL can be better than attempting to lift an IFS vehicle 3-4" or higher:

  • Body lifts do not have moving parts to wear out. Large suspension lifts can cause huge reductions of part life and increases of failures (ball joints, bushings, CVs, etc). Body lifts are installed once and almost forgotten. It's worth periodically checking the bolt tension, but I have yet to hear of any bodymount-tearing disaster stories arising from BL's on a Toyota 90 series.
  • It will allow larger tyres to fit on your vehicle - after all, larger tyres is the only way to increase diff clearance on your vehicle.
  • Much cheaper than any other alternative, especially over the long term.
  • It raises the body sills from potential damage. Potentially also raises the front and rear bumpers/bars (dependant on your mods). I've ran a 1.5" BL for years without rock sliders, on countless rock crawling trips - yet my sills have never been damaged!
  • It raises the rear fuel tank. If you also raise the guard, you gain clearance.

If you need some advice on bodylifts have a read through the links below:

DISCLAIMER: All parts sold as is for off road use, without certification or guarantee of road-worthiness. For information on how any modification will effect your vehicle registration, road-worthiness or insurance, please consult your providers.

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